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The Concept

My Mylopotas architectural Concept.

In today’s architectural habits of architecture is overwhelming. At my Mylopotas we chose to follow a new concept of architecture where the villas become one with the environment .

Long linear structures are placed in the landscape, this type of architecture in combination with a minimal visual footprint has created the in- Cave Villa”. The linear architecture allows for large glass openings so that all interior areas have a full view of sea and landscape. This design allows for interior and outdoor space to join as one. In this way residents can enjoy from every angle the fantastic climate of Ios.

The in- Cave Villas are built with the natural materials, stones are excavated on site maintaining the exact color pallet of the environment. These walls do not need any maintenance keeping their original beauty forever. These villas do not need any external upkeep. A large stone corridor surrounds the inner part of the villa allowing for a continuous flow of air. Light from skylights enter and give a glitter to the corridor’s stonewalls.