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About Ios

Ios island, is situated in the Cyclades group of islands in the Aegean Sea. It constitutes an ideal tourist destination, famous for its nightlife as well as for its unique, natural beauty. This archetypical Greek island attracts visitors from all over the world keen to explore its breathtaking scenery, its sandy shores and to admire the characteristic Aegean architecture, with the white-washed dwellings the narrow streets and alleyways, in perfect harmony with balconies, gardens in full bloom, bursting with colour.

Ios is also well known for its historical landmarks, such as Homer’s Tomb, its picturesque villages and also the warm hospitality of the locals. Ios is a charming holiday destination catering to all tastes and desires and promising you the holidays of a lifetime.

Recent discoveries are shedding new light on Ios's history through the ages. On the hill of Skarkos, near the Chora, archeologists have unearthed the first known Cycladic-era community, dating back from the 3rd millennium BC.

Visitors can explore the site and discover for themselves the highly developed sense of architecture and town-planning reflected in the ruins of the Skarko prehistoric community. Furthermore, Ios' archeological museum combined with a number of additional excavation sites can provide the visitor with a glimpse into the island's past and its position as a key maritime outpost through the ages.