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Villa Tymari

On a pliot of - 4 villas wil be constructed
2- 2 bedroom villas with a total surface area of 116,10m2. each.
2- 3 bedroom villas with a total surface area of 134,23m2. each.
Open kitchen and living room 
bedrooms with en suite bathrooms
Storage space
Swimming pool
Garage for 2 cars

Key Architectural Characteristics

• Layout completely adapted to modern life styles.
• Natural light in all key living spaces
• Great views
• Green roofs improve insulation and unity with the environment
• En suite bedrooms have direct access to the garden
• Sheltered outdoor areas are proportional to the overall size of the villas.
• Open plan kitchens are adjacent to the outdoor barbeque and living areas
• Fireplae
• Water features add up to the landscape design
• Natural wood window frames with energy- saving glass panels
• Built in air conditioning for cooling and heating
• A peripheral zone around the house for natural ventilation of all spaces